World Trip Photos
South America 1: Brazil and Bolivia
South America 2: Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina
New Zealand
South-East Asia: Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong
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Lake Titicaca, the highest of its kind in the world.
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Chinkana Inca Holy Temple, on Isla Del Sol, in the middle of the lake.

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Travelling through the Andes from Puno to Cusco, on the world's smelliest train.
Cusco cathedral.
Peruvian people in traditional dress with Catherine and Iona...
...and Llary the Llama.
Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca village set high up in the Andes.
Looking out from the peak.
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The Cross of the Third Millennium at Coquimbo.
Dolphin watching...
...and penguin spotting.
In the Atacama desert at sunset.
Rob being his usual hilarious self, with Santiago behind.
Chile's answer to McDonalds... about to take the world by storm.

One of many beach sculptures in Punta del Este - South America's Ibiza.

Street tango.
Buenos Aires cityscape, with Tanya and Pete - friends we met in Punta del Este.
The Torre Monumental (formerly the 'English Tower'), bearing a striking resemblance to the tower of Colchester Town Hall.
The Congress building in Buenos Aires, the day before the Finance Minister resigned and the President fled.

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